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Mark Shea's Private Revelation That His Dad Is Not In The Pit Of Hell! Why Does Shea Still Ignore The Reality Of Hell?

 Last judgment (detail)
c. 1431

Why bother? If everyone goes to heaven as Mark Shea wishes, then why does Shea remain a Roman Catholic?



Apparently he makes a good living off of the lies he tells about the Catholic Faith lies like that no one is in hell 'cept maybe for traditionalists.

According to Shea you don't have to believe the vision of hell as shown to the children at Fatima - because after all it is a private revelation:
There's a couple of things to understand about private revelation.

First, of course, is that it is binding on nobody.  Those who attempt to elevate some private revelation to the status of de fide teaching or, dumber still, try to elevate it above the teaching of the Magisterium are out of line.  All an approved private revelation boils down to is that the Church says that it is "worthy of believe".  In other words, the Church says, "Looks like Mary really appeared at Fatima" and you can believe that if you like.  But you don't *have* to.

Second, if you do find the devotion to the private revelation to be credible and want to incorporate it into your spiritual life, knock yourself out.  Conversely, if it doesn't do anything for you, it could well be because it's not intended for you.  (This is hard for zealous devotees of particular private revelations to buy, but it's still true.  I don't think anybody has ever cultivated a devotion to every approved private revelation because there are too many to count.)

Third, private revelations, even approved ones, are not inerrant and infallible.  So, for instance, St. Catherine of Siena, in her Dialogue with God the Father, reports that she was told the Virgin Mary was not  immaculately conceived.  This does not make her a fraud and a charlatan.  It makes her a typical medieval third order Dominican following St. Thomas Aquinas, who also rejected the Immaculate Conception.  Turns out he and the Dominicans dropped the ball on that one.  Also turns out that private revelations get filtered through minds, emotions, and assumptions of the seer. 
Finally, all private revelation is ordered toward one end: call us back to the public revelation and toward obedience to Jesus.  They are supposed to speak to us, not that guy over there, if they speak at all.
So according to Shea the words of the Blessed Virgin are not to be listened to because they are of a private revelation.

Now Shea blogs about his dead dad (as if he is the only one who had a relative die outside the faith)

Is this some sort of private revelation that Shea has received that his non-Catholic dad who died in a state of mortal sin is somehow saved and will soon be in heaven?

Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary on hell NOT TO BE BELIEVED!
Words of Mark Shea on hell are TO BE BELIEVED!

As for public revelation that Shea claims to adhere to - which is another one of his lies - I have to ask does Shea believe in the BOOK OF LIFE found in the Public Revelation of the Apocalypse?

What will Shea say about his dead dad? Is his dead dad in the BOOK OF LIFE?
And whosoever was not found written in the book of life, was cast into the pool of fire.
Unless Shea converts before he dies he will be blotted out from the BOOK OF LIFE and spend all of eternity in the pit of hell with his dad. 

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